Pug Grooming: Tips, Tricks & Advice for a Clean Pug

Pug Grooming

Pug Grooming: Tips, Tricks & Advice for a Clean Pug

All dog breeds have their own challenges. One of the biggest challenges you are sure to encounter with a pug is their grooming. Pugs are adorable and loving creatures, and they have laid back personalities – but their grooming is high maintenance.

From their constant shedding to their tear tracks, there are many things you have to take care of to keep your pug’s grooming up to snuff. It is best to have the proper tools, put in the research and go into it with a positive attitude.

Pug Grooming: Tips, Tricks & Advice for a Clean Pug

Pug Grooming: The Basics

Pugs are still dogs, so there are some basic grooming tips you are going to want to follow when it comes to keeping your dog clean and happy.

First, brushing your pug is fundamentally important. Pugs often have double coats and are consistent and frequent shedders. If you do not keep up with the task and allow yourself to fall behind, fur will accumulate not only on your furniture but also on your pug, causing odors and discomfort.

Second, keeping your pug bathed regularly will also help with shedding issues as well as keeping the pug clean and healthy. Bathing is something all dog owners must do, but there are certain parts of a pug that you will have to focus on those owners of other breeds will never even know about.

Third, there are specific issues to your pug that you will have to take care of as time goes on. The classic and unique traits of the pug are wonderful and cute but do add a bit of work to the whole process of keeping your pug clean and happy.

Pug Grooming:  Brushing and Maintenance

Pugs need to be brushed. There is no getting around it. Though short-haired, pugs have thick, coarse coats, and most pugs have double coats. This leads to lots of pug hair. Everywhere. Not only will it help your clothes and furniture to keep a regular brushing routine, but it will also help your pug.

Without regular brushing, your pug’s dead hair will have nowhere to go. It will stay on your pug’s body, and will eventually get tangled in the live hairs of its coat, get covered in body oils, and contribute to a bad odor emanating off your dog. With that in mind, not only will you regularly need to brush your dog, there will need to be different tools employed to be most effective.

Daily grooming is easy to do with grooming gloves. Using one or two, putting these gloves on once a day and rubbing your pug down with them will help you to keep up with pug hair care. At least once a week you will want to use a slicker brush for deeper hair maintenance. 

Finally, approximately once a month you should do a truly deep hair cleanse. To do that you should employ a grooming vacuum dryer and get off all the things that have avoided all other brushings.

Pug Grooming: Hygiene

Every five to six weeks is the appropriate amount of time to be waiting to bathe your pug. Bathing is vital to help keep your pug healthy and happy. Bathing will help to clean all the dirt, debris and dead skin cells that collect on your pug as time goes on.

Bathing your pug doesn’t necessarily differ from every other dog bath, there are just a few things to keep in mind. As you are washing your pug, pay close attention to the face. Clean the eyes and ears, carefully getting any tear track stains off the face. Clean gently inside the wrinkles on the face with a washcloth and soap. 

While bathing your pug, be careful to use a shampoo that is designed to help control odors associated with high shedding dogs, as well as being good for sensitive skin. Often times you will want to search for oatmeal-based shampoos.

Specific To Pugs

Anything about a pug that drew you to it most likely will need special care. See the tips below to optimize how you care for your pug’s grooming and hygiene needs.

Nail, Teeth And Paw Care

Like all dogs, owners should be sure to keep their pug’s nails trimmed which may be easier to do with a nail grinder as opposed to cutting. Pugs’ teeth need to be cleaned regularly as well, with a dog-specific toothpaste such as Petrodex. Be sure you are watching the pads on your pug’s paws, and moisturizing or waxing as necessary.

Starting as young as possible will help the pug and owner both get used to these necessary but often dreaded tasks.

Ears and Eyes 

Pugs have flapped ears. This may keep out debris and dirt, but it keeps in wax and possible bacteria causing issues. Make sure to keep your pug’s ears clean between baths. Baths are a good opportunity to take a cotton ball or other soft material and clean out your dog’s ears. Be sure to do this especially after a bath or any other excursion into the water by your pug. This will dry them out, and any water left in the ears can cause issues and lead to infections, so make sure to get them clean and dry.

Eyes of a pug run certain risks with dirt and debris. They are bulbous and therefore susceptible to getting a lot of things in them. Pugs also get stains down their face from oozing or leaking due to these eye issues known as tear tracks. One of the best things you can do for your pug is keeping their eyes and the area around them wiped down.

Wrinkle Care

Though keeping your pugs signature face wrinkles clean can seem like an uphill battle, it is actually quite easy and absolutely essential. Wrinkle care will be one of the key components in pug grooming. Keeping wrinkles clean daily can be done with wrinkle wipes

About once a week (at least) be sure to use q-tips or cotton swabs and warm water. Dip the swab in, and clean each fold gently. After that, if your pug has particularly sensitive skin, you can put petroleum jelly into them to help prevent skin infections.

Focusing on the wrinkles during the monthly pug baths will help immensely.

Pug Grooming Equals Pug Happiness

Though they may be more high maintenance than other breeds, pugs are completely worth it. Keeping them brushed daily can be fun, and all of the work you will do on them will be pretty spread out and increase the amount of trust your pug has in you. Start off the right way with your pug puppy so by adulthood it is all a part of the bonding routine.

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